Residential Treatment Programs

Aurora Lights

NOAH’s New Intensive After-Care & Assisted Living Program for Women

Aurora Lights is an intensive assisted living housing program at Northeast Ohio Applied Health (NOAH). Our stable "home" enviroment provides a safe, supervised, structured environment for women only as they journey through their healing process from substance abuse.

Aurora Lights offers:

  • No financial deposit or housing payments required in program

  • Therapeutic community living with shared household responsibilities

  • Supervision with 24-hour Video Surveillance

  • Intensive aftercare program 5 days a week

  • Women and Recovery Gender Specific Groups

  • Random Urine Drugs Screens

  • Clinical Treatment Planning, Case Management, and Life Skills Courses/Groups

  • Up to 6 months residency while transitioning into independent living

  • 11 bed capacity

  • Limited smoking with supportive cessation plan

Who Qualifies

Adult females 21 years and older who

  • Have successfully completed a certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program within the last 30 days or will be completing a program within the next 14 days.

  • Are currently sober and able to successfully pass a urine screen analysis

  • Are willing to adhere to program expectations

  • Are a Medicaid recipient from Summit, Stark, Cuyahoga, and surrounding counties

Applicants must complete application and interview process. No children are permitted to reside in this facility.​ For more details and information, please contact

NOAH’s Administration Office at (330) 237-6662.

** Currently we have no open availability at this time **

Anchor of Hope

Residential Treatment Program

Anchor of Hope is our Residential Program for men and women. Our sober assisted living housing program will provide a safe, supervised, structured environment by tailoring drug and alcohol addiction treatment to the unique needs of our clients. We draw clients out of isolation and help them develop a healthy and esteem building lifestyle of recovery that they can maintain by using the tools we teach them to cope with life's stressors without drugs or alcohol.

Anchor of Hope offers:

  • Nine (19) bed sober-living apartment facility in Akron, Ohio

  • Clients have 24-hour, 7-days a week supervision by qualified staff

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model

  • Diagnostic Drug and Mental Health Assessments

  • Individual Counseling and Supportive 12-Step Help Groups

  • Regular Client Progress Reports and Updates to Providers

  • Structured Daily Schedule

  • Individual Case Management offering wrap around services

How To Apply/Who Qualifies

  1. Complete our online referral process form

  2. Applicants must be medically stable through alcohol or opiate detoxification, have Medicaid or insurance, and be willing to receive treatment

The Navigator

Intensive Aftercare Program for Men

The Navigator is a men’s-only Intensive Aftercare Treatment Program with Assisted Living Housing. Our assisted living housing program provides a sober, strong, safe, supervised and structured environment for men as they steer out of the hurricane of a substance use disorder into a secure harbor of sobriety, peace and healing.

The Navigator Program offers:

  • Nine (11) bed capacity

  • Recovery, Assisted- Living program in a stable, apartment style environment

  • Structured, Drug-Free and Safe Environment

  • No financial deposit or housing payments required in program for the first 90-days

  • Therapeutic Community Living with shared household responsibilities

  • Clinical Treatment Planning and Case Management

How To Apply/Who Qualifies

  1. Complete our online referral process form

  2. Applicants must be medically stable through alcohol or opiate detoxification, have Medicaid or insurance, and be willing to receive treatment

What You Can Bring

Please note: hygiene products, linens, and pillows will be provided. Clients may bring their own hygiene products, perfumes/cologne, cigarettes, and tobacco; however, all items must be unopened in its original packaging from the manufacture. NOAH is not responsible for any lost or stolen property including money.

Due to limited storage space, please DO NOT bring LARGE quantities of clothing and personal items. 

  • ONLY 7 to 10 day's worth of clothing (1 carry-on bag suitcase)

  • Current medications prescribed by a Physician (must be a 30-day supply)

  • Hair dryer, curling iron, clippers, flat iron

  • Stamps, Envelopes Toothbrush, Toothpaste

  • Mediation Books, Bible, Magazines

  • Bath Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

  • Cosmetics

  • Lotion, Vaseline

  • Perfume, Cologne

  • Hairspray

What You Cannot Bring

  • Weapons

  • Drugs or Alcohol

  • Cellphones

  • Mp3, iPod, Compact Disc, Radio

  • Clothing with any vulgar, profane, drug/alcohol-related images or wording

  • Revealing clothing, e.g., tight shorts, shirts, halters, skirts

  • Electronic Games

  • Headphones

  • Food, Snacks, Soda Pop, Energy Drinks of any kind

  • Comforters, pillows, and stuffed animals

Additional Details

All drop-offs must be scheduled by calling (330) 237-6662 or in-person at our Headquarters in Akron, Ohio by a scheduled appointment only. Those dropping off must bring a valid form of identification.

All mail, packages, and drop offs are to be sent to NOAH’s headquarters in care of the client’s name in Akron, Ohio. 

If Client has any allergies (e.g., food, detergents, etc.), please inform the intake Coordinator and/or House Manager prior to admission.