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In-Take Process

The Intake Process is as follows:

  1. Verification of Insurance /Medicaid / Proof of Income: The assigned counselor (or support staff) will make a copy of the client’s insurance card and or proof of income for billing purposes. This copy is placed in the client’s individual record.

  2. Intake Forms: The assigned counselor meets with the client to review required admission documents and obtains the required.

    • Notice of Privacy Practices: The counselor distributes a copy of the Notice of Private of Privacy Practices informing the client and their parent/legal guardian of how medical information is used and disclosed by this agency.

    • Consent for Treatment and Notification of Rights: The counselor explains the possible risks and benefits of treatment and obtains the signature of the adult or parent/legal guardian on this form. They are advised of treatment recommendations made by the counselor and their right to refuse such recommended treatment or to withdraw their consent for treatment at any time. The adult or parent/legal guardian signature demonstrates their consent for recommended treatment services.

  3. Cancellation Policy: NOAH’s cancellation policy is reviewed with the client or guardian. The client/guardian’s signature indicates their consent to comply with this policy.

  4. Payment Policy: The assigned counselor reviews the payments policy with the client/guardian. The client /guardian’s signature indicates their consent to comply with this policy.

  5. Authorization & Consent for Release of Information: At admission and during the course of treatment, it may be necessary for the assigned counselor to coordinate treatment with other involved providers. An Authorization & Consent for Release of Information is signed by the client to facilitate this process.

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