I am afraid and I've never been to treatment?

Thank you for taking the first step by accepting treatment. You are just beginning a journey to discover who and what you are really meant to be – including free from the pain and sorrow of alcohol and drug dependency, other addictions and trauma.  From time to time, and especially at first, you may want to give up and leave.  This is normal.  You are in a new place, meeting lots of new people, and talking about yourself in an unfamiliar way.  It will take some time for you to feel comfortable and secure.  The single most important thing you can do is just STAY.

When you relax and get to know us, you will find that NOAH is a special place.  Our well qualified staff blends diversity, education, a commitment to serve and, most importantly, experience.  Your counselor, other staff members and peers are here to help support you through your transition.  Talk with them.

Who Is NOAH?

Northeast Ohio Applied Health (NOAH) is a state-certified, behavioral health resource dedicated to enriching lives of individuals and families.  NOAH offers intensive and non-intensive out-patient group programs for Northeast Ohio adults and youth struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

What is Anchor of Hope?

“Anchor of Hope,” is an Intensive Outpatient Sober Living Housing Program at Northeast Ohio Applied Health (NOAH). Our assisted living housing program will provide a safe, supervised, structured environment for women only as they go through their healing process from substance abuse.

What Insurances do you accept?

NOAH accepts Medicaid and most private insurances.